In Progress – T-Shirt Quilt Commission

An old friend had a bunch of concert t-shirts that she asked me to make into a quilt for her. She sent the shirts to me and I cut them into blocks and stabilized them with woven interfacing. She chose Chillingsworth Black Skull Damask, which I think is perfect for this quilt. That fabric will be the borders around the blocks and the backing. I sewed the blocks into columns and then laid them out in the photo below to measure them all so I could add borders at the top and bottom of the short columns.


After I got the columns evened up, I sewed them together and then added a small plain black border around the whole top. I sewed the backing together and sandwiched the quilt yesterday, but I forgot to take pictures before I took it back down to my sewing machine. I’m going to quilt it by stitching in the ditch and I think I’m going to quilt an X across each block to stabilize them a little bit more.

Can’t wait to get this one done and off to its new home! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “In Progress – T-Shirt Quilt Commission”

    1. My biggest tips are to use the woven interfacing to stabilize the blocks so they don’t stretch and try to cut them all the same size! Figuring out all the extra pieces for the different size blocks has been a real pain! πŸ™‚


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