In Progress – New Years Day Mystery Quilt

I’ve done a couple of the mystery quilts by Heather Spence in the past and loved how they came out, so I’m doing her New Years Day Mystery Quilt! The quilt requires a focus fabric, a background and four coordinating fabrics. I chose my focus and coordinating fabrics from the Hazel line by Allison Harris for Windham Fabrics. Here are the ones I chose:

New Years Day Mystery Quilt Fabric Selections

Such yumminess! I just love these colors and patterns! After I bought the pattern, I received the fabric requirements (obviously) and the instructions for cutting the first step. It was all strips of varying widths. I got all of that done (except the background, which I ordered late and haven’t received yet. I’m a dummy!) Here are my lovely strips:

NYDMQ Strips

The rest of the pattern will be released hourly on New Years Day, so I can’t wait to get started! Meanwhile, I have another cute little project up my sleeve that I will post about in a few minutes. It’s always feast or famine with posts around here! 😀


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