In Progress – 2016 Finish-A-Long

I’m going to be participating in the 2016 Finish-A-Long! I’ve put together a list of eight projects that I want to get finished this year. As I finish them up, I’ll probably be adding things to the list. I’m pretty sure everyone’s quilting to-do list is a mile long, right? 😀


Starting from the top row, left-hand side and going around clockwise, here’s my list of projects:
1. Undercover Maker Mat by lillyella stitchery – pattern from Craftsy here – I have all the supplies for this one, but I haven’t started yet. FINISHED – JANUARY 31, 2016 – See post here – Finished!! – Undercover Maker Mat
2. Double Cross Mystery Quilt by Heather Spence Designs – The top is done on this one and I’ve sandwiched it. I just need to decide how I want to quilt it.
3. New Years Day Mystery Quilt by Heather Spence Designs – I have the blocks sewed into rows now, so I just need to put the top together and quilt it.
4. 2016 Temperature Quilt designed by me – I’m doing two patches for each day, one for the high temperature and one for the low temperature. Each patch will be 2″x4″ finished to make a block for each day that will be 4″x4″ finished. I’m going to have a block for the year and a block for the name of each month as well and then one extra at the end for a grid that will be 19 blocks x 20 blocks. I think this one is going to be really fun to make. 🙂
5. Snapshots by Fat Quarter Shop. This one needs quilting and binding. FINISHED – JANUARY 11, 2016 – See post here – Finished!! – Snapshots Quilt
6. Paradiso Beach Quilt designed by me – Just a simple quilt top made from charm packs. I need to pick a backing fabric. This one also needs quilting and binding.
7. Heart Wall Quilt designed by me – I’m making a smaller quilt to hang up over our fireplace in the living room. I don’t have any real Valentine’s Day decorations, so I’m going to make a heart quilt! I have the fabric and pattern for this one, so I just need to get started. FINISHED – JANUARY 29, 2016 – See post here – Finished!! – Heart Wall Quilt
8. Stitch People Family Quilt designed by me using the Stitch People book – I just received the fabric I ordered, so I’m ready to start this one as well.

Oof! That’s quite a list of projects! Can’t wait to get started! 🙂 Happy new year! 🙂

13 thoughts on “In Progress – 2016 Finish-A-Long”

  1. What a great list of wonderful projects! Each is so pretty…. I am especially intrigued by your Heart Wall Quilt. And have been enjoying seeing your progress on those Stitch People over on Instagram. Looks like a worthy list!


  2. What a nice variety of projects! Nice! Dare I say I love a Swoon! Good luck working through your list! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts. Good luck working through your list!


  3. Hi I started out this morning reading the Moda Cutting Table blog and from that linked to aquiltimglife blog . In your comment on that blog you asked about where to find the project bag pattern. I bought mine from Craftsy a few years ago and have made several…they are easy to make. I noticed that Missouri Star Quilting Co is selling them recently, also. But with your sewing skills you could male them. Good luck. Terri


    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Terri! I bought the project bag pattern and I’m going to make one for my daughter to carry her art sketchbook and her guitar book around in. Can’t wait for the cute fabric I ordered to arrive. 🙂


    1. It IS lovely to meet another homeschooling quilter! 🙂 I hadn’t even noticed that you were too when I skimmed your blog the other day! 🙂 I love that bag you made with the Dog Gone Cute blocks – adorable! 🙂


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