Finished!! – Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt

You guys!! It’s finished!! Back in January, I decided to join in on the Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt Along created by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts. This quilt came out even cuter than I could have imagined! ❤ ❤ ❤

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Finished!!

I used Kona Solids for the sweaters and binding, snowflakes background by Studio E, argyle backing by Michael Miller and thread by Aurifil, of course.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Backing

I had so much fun making this quilt! I had originally decided to make a baby or lap quilt size, but it was so much fun, that I ended up making the maxi quilt size.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Closeup

It was quilted by the lovely and talented Robin at Ormond Beach Quilts. Her work is always top-notch and this quilt is no exception. The quilting pattern is called Snow Winds. Is it perfect for this quilt or what?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Closeup

I’m just in love with this quilt and I think I’m going to leave it hanging up for a while even though Christmas is still seven months away. 😀 😀 😀

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Label

This is my second finish for the 2016 Finish-A-Long – 2nd Quarter.

In Progress – Summer Sampler 2016 – Blocks 1 & 2

I first saw a picture of Summer Sampler 2016 on Instagram and decided I didn’t have enough projects in my life (haha!), so I signed up. The initial download came with a blank coloring page so I used Photoshop to color it and decide on my fabrics. I knew I wanted to use a bright orange as a focus fabric, so then I selected a turquoise and a green to go with it. Then I chose two lighter blues and one darker blue to complete the range and of course, white as a background. I’m nothing if not predictable with the white background! 😀

Here’s my quilt coloring page mockup:
Summer Sampler 2016 - Coloring Page Mockup

The Kona Solids I’m using are shown below:
kona-white White
kona-persimmon Persimmon
kona-kale Kale
kona-celestial Celestial
kona-turquoise Turquoise
kona-jamaica Jamaica
kona-robinegg Robin Egg
I think these will work really well together. 🙂

One block will be released each Monday until all 20 blocks are out and about in the wild. Each pattern also includes a sample quilt layout using just that block. At the end of the subscription, three sample quilt layouts will be provided or you can make up your own layout.

The first block was released a week ago and the second one was released today. I finished up the first one last night and I had a little time to kill today, so I got the second one done too. Here they are:

Block One – Turkey Vulture:
Summer Sampler 2016 Quilt - Block 01 - Turkey Vulture

Block Two – Summer Slice:
Summer Sampler 2016 Quilt - Block 02 - Summer Sampler

In Progress – Minecraft Quilt – Block 19

Yay! Another block done for my daughter’s Minecraft Quilt! I think this one only took about an hour, including the time to choose and cut fabrics! So next Monday the 20th pattern will be released and then I can finish this quilt! She’s going to be releasing some extra patterns too, so I might make those into pillows or something. ❤

Here's the Bunny block:
Minecraft Quilt - Block 19 - Bunny

Finished!! – Easter Bunny Wall Quilt

Here’s a quick recap on this project. I’m making a series of wall quilts to hang over our ugly fireplace in the living room. I found the Bunny pattern from Elizabeth Hartman. I wanted one big bunny though, so I enlarged her pattern by 400% to get the right size. I think it came out really cute!

After I got the top done, I sent it off to Robin at Ormond Beach Quilts for her to work her long-arming magic on it. She used a super cute design called Daisies Galore on it and I think it was perfect. ❤

Yesterday, I cut into some lovely black and white striped fabric to make the binding. I just love striped binding! Here's the finished Easter Bunny Wall Quilt:

This is my first finish for the 2016 Finish-A-Long – 2nd Quarter.

Tech Stuff – Adding a Bloglovin’ follow widget to a blog

I’m departing from my usual quilting posts to give a little demo on adding a Bloglovin’ follow widget to a blog since Bloglovin’ doesn’t support blogs natively. I hope this helps someone! 🙂

First, create an account on Bloglovin’ and then go to the widgets page, which is pictured below.
From this page, you’ll need the widget code (A) and a logo image file (B). I downloaded all the logos and then chose the one I liked the best. Click the link to get your widget code and you’ll get a popup as pictured below.
Select everything in the box (C) and paste it into a text file for safekeeping while you’re working. You will the very first URL listed in that code, so find the first instance of https and copy that all the way to the end of the number before the quotation marks. My URL was, so yours should be similar.

Choose a logo image file and upload it to your media library and it will look as pictured below.
Click the image you uploaded (D) and you will another screen as shown below.
Copy the image URL (E) and paste that into your text file for safekeeping as well.

In your blog settings, choose Appearance and then Widgets to get to the screen pictured below.
From there, add an Image widget and you’ll need to fill in the settings to customize it for your blog. You can see the settings I used in the image above. The image URL you saved will go in the Image URL blank and the URL from the Bloglovin’ widget code will go in the Link URL blank.

After you’ve filled in all the settings, save it and then have a look at your blog and you should have a Bloglovin’ follow widget similar to mine shown below (F).

If you have any questions, please let me know and I can probably help you iron out any issues you might be having. 🙂

Quilting Previews!!

At the same time I sent my Easter Bunny Wall Quilt to the long-arm quilter, I also sent my Double Cross Mystery Quilt and my Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt. I got preview pictures of the quilting today and I’m so happy to share them here!! Thanks to Robin at Ormond Beach Quilts for doing such a great job as usual! ❤

Double Cross Mystery Quilt: Quilted in red to add some interest. I'm going to bind it in red too. 🙂
Double Cross Mystery Quilt - Quilting PreviewDouble Cross Mystery Quilt - Quilting Preview

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt: Quilted in a snowflake pattern! Perfect for a Christmas quilt! 🙂
Ugly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Quilting PreviewUgly Christmas Sweaters Quilt - Quilting Preview